Pokemon Go Promo Codes (September 2022), How to Get Free items

Pokemon Go Promo Codes for September 2022 is available here. In order to reward the gamer, Niantic offers the Pokemon Go Promo Codes as freebies. By redeeming these, the player generally gets valuable prizes like Ultra Balls, berries, new alliances and unique gear for trainer. Besides these some Codes also provides a lot of free goods to help catch more virtual creatures called Pokémon.

Niantic Pokemon Go Promo Codes 2022

Hi all, have you been playing the Pokemon GO or intend to play ? Well in both the cases, here comes the good news that while playing Pokemon Go, you can earn promotional vouchers called freebies without any cost. We are sure the players will definitely like that. Hence, on this page we have shared these Pokemon GO Promo Codes called freebies which will be current and active. Thus, scroll down this page to catch the more details on this.

Game NamePokemon GO
Promo Code ProviderNinatic
Code Valid TillMarch 2022
FreebiesPokeballs, Pinap-berries, Incense, Lucky Egg
CategoryTech Update
Official WebsiteClick Here

Actually, Niantic does not launch new Pokemon Go Promo Codes often. Thus, whenever, Nianic releases promo codes for cosmetics like outfits and accessories, or for items like potions, revives, raid passes and more, make sure to use them immediately before it is expired.

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Expired Pokemon Go Promo Codes List 2022

  • LEQ8C2BQXJATZ – 3 Pinap Berries
  • 5PTHMZ3AZM5QC – 10 Max Potions, 10 Ultra Ball, 1 Sinnoh Stone
  • K8G9DFV4X7L3W – 50 PokeBalls
  • 9FC4SN7K5DAJ6 – 1 Star Piece, 5 Stickers, 5 Razz Berries
  • 944231010271764 – 10 Poke Balls, 5 Razz Berries
  • 844316465423591 – 10 Poke Balls
  • FTT7V6NDZ6B8X 
  • VNDJPDJM42KJ8TWQ – Rewards: Ed Sheeran rewards
  • VVM87WGMMUZHTB8X – Rewards: Ed Sheeran rewards
  • RWQNL567S5SP7VTL – Rewards: Ed Sheeran’s Sweatshirt Avatar item
  • KUAXZBJUTP3B7 – Rewards: Galaxy A Series Special Edition Avatar
  • D8STK9J6GPSM9 – Rewards: 1 Incense, 3 Great Balls
  • N2V743HSEPFUW – Rewards: 1 Poffin, 3 Great Balls
  • UWJ4PFY623R5X – 5 Ultra Balls, 1 Lucky Egg, 5 Stickers
  • EMRK2EZWLVSSZDC5 – 8 PokeBalls, 4 Golden Razz Berries, 4 Silver Pinap Berries

Active Pokemon Go Promo Codes (June 2022)

  • SWHPH9Z4EMZN7 – Rewards: 30 Pokeballs, 1 Incense, 1 Lucky Egg
  • E9K4SY77F5623 – Rewards: 10 Pokeballs
  • 53HHNL3RTLXMPYFP – Rewards: 10 Pokeballs, 10 Pinap-berries, 1 Incense 

Steps to redeem Pokemon GO Codes

A player or gamer interested to redeem promo codes irrespective of the platform he/she plays can follow the steps below to find for more promo codes.

In case of iOS Device

The promo codes shared above can be redeemed through the iOS device and Android phone. To redeem the codes, the gamer should visit the Niantic Deal Redemption page initially. Then the player should log in using the same method as used to log into your trainer account on the app. Post Login, there will be a section to paste the code. After submission of the code, there will be a notice in the app alerting that some items have been delivered. These are then shown as bubbles on the screen before returning to the inventories section of the player.

In case of Android Device

  • At first, Open Pokémon Go.
  • Next, Click the Pokeball button
  • Gamer should now select the Shop icon scroll down
  • Up next, at the bottom, he/she should click “Promos”
  • Finally, click Redeem and enter the code
  • Thus, the code is redeemed.

About Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go is a augmented reality (AR) mobile game for iOS and Android devices. The game is developed and published by Niantic in collaboration with Nintendo and The Pokémon Company . The Game was first released in 2016 and uses mobile devices with GPS to locate, capture, train, and battle virtual creatures, called Pokémon. Initially, the game was launched with around 150 species of Pokémon, but the species has increased to 700 by 2021.

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